High Heel Mate with InsoliaHigh Heel Mate® Inserts from Insolia®

High heel inserts designed to:

  • increase high heel comfort
  • reduce pain
  • correct your posture
  • make you walk taller and more naturally

Sexy comfort from high heel inserts!

High heel shoes shift your body out of alignment, putting pressure on the balls of your feet and strain on your lower back. High Heel Mate® are discrete, clear high heel inserts with an adhesive backing that you place in your high heels to subtly change the way your foot sits within the shoe. The high heel inserts shift your body back into alignment, thereby reducing pressure and pain as well as restoring your balance and posture. They are suitable for any style of high heel shoe and are undetectable when wearing even the most delicate high heels – including strappy sandals – so no one will know your style secret! Get rid of that pain from high heels and buy your High Heel Mate® inserts today!

Unique high heel inserts - not simply cushioning!

Other products simply cushion the ball of the foot. High Heel Mate® inserts are uniquely different – they actually create the feeling of a lower heel giving you comfortable high heels without losing the style. The benefits include increased ankle stability, improved body alignment, posture and reduce lower back pain. Sexy high heels without high heel pain!

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