Relieve the pain from high heels!

Podiatrist designed shoe inserts – now available in South Africa

When you first try High Heel Mate® with Insolia® high heel shoe inserts you may be surprised to find that they are not soft. This is because they are not designed to cushion your foot but to fundamentally change the inside structure of your high heel shoes so as to effectively relieve high heel pain.

Insolia® is a new type of high heel insert invented by world renowned podiatrist Dr. Howard Dananberg. They are based on years of scientific research into pain caused from high heels, and are now available in South Africa in High Heel Mate® shoe inserts.

Why do high heels cause pain?

High heels shift your body out of alignment, causing pain in the ball of your foot or in your lower back. High Heel Mate® minimises discomfort and reduces high heel pain by shifting the body weight back to where it naturally would be. Now you can wear your high heels  3 - 4 times longer! They are not like anything else on the market, as many other products are simply cushioning or arch supports.

Using science to reduce high heel pain!

Working with the biomechanics of the foot, High Heel Mate® inserts re-contour the inside of high heels to shift weight onto the heel, improving weight distribution, comfort and stability. They shift weight off the ball of your foot onto the heel so there is less pressure on the ball of your foot. This results in less pain in the ball of your foot and better posture.

Where science meets sexy

They go beyond comfort by dramatically improving foot health, body alignment and walking efficiency. High Heel Mate® creates the feeling of a lower heel and make you look better while walking in them. At last - comfortable high heels without losing your style!

The science of High Heel Mate


It is easiest to see what High Heel Mate® does by referring to the pressure mapping system on the right.

The RESULT is:

  • restored balance that allows women in heels to return to their natural heel-toe stride
  • improved body alignment
  • a higher degree of ankle stability
  • reduced pressure on the ball of the foot 
  • reduced leg fatigue and lower back pain

In fact, according to our many loyal fans High Heel Mate® are the best high heel inserts and the proven way to eliminating pain from high heels!

Where Science Meets Sexy

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